Student Groups


There are two important coordinating roles for a group to function well

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Working with Student Groups

Students register in their individual capacity with TEE College. As such the legislation concerning personal information (POPIA) and access to information (PAIA) applies to student data.

Churches place students with TEE College as part of their training and formational processes, and have a duty of care and oversight for their students – particularly if there is church-related funding for student studies.

The Student Group processes described here enable appropriate access and oversight for sub-sets of students within the greater TEEC student body, which assists church training authorities in the care and oversight of their students.


Group Roles

Group Coordinator

This person is appointed by their church training authority to oversee church students who have been placed with TEE College for their studies

They will identify to the College those students who are part of the group in each academic year, and support the application process for those students.

They may request reporting from the College with respect to the group they oversee.

Group Finance Coordinator:

If a church, or oversight body, is helping to fund student studies then this person is identified as the contact person with respect to those payments.

This person will indicate the disbursement of group payments to individual students, and will work with the College finance officer in reconciling the church-related / sponsor-related payments with respect to students in the group.


Please download and use the forms shown alongside to set up and manage your student group

Group forms

To set up a group in an academic year, complete both a Group Cover Sheet as well as a Group Student List

Group Cover Sheet:

The Group Cover Sheet needs to be submitted for each academic year.

It needs to be completed in full including the details for the Group Coordinator, and if financial payments from a third-party are involved, the details for the Finance Coordinator.

If the study materials for a group are to be collected together or sent to one common address (and then indicate that on this form – otherwise materials will be dispatched as per the individual student application documents).

It is very important to sign this document before submitting it. An unsigned document means that we can’t release student group information to the Group Coordinator.

If the students in the group are required by the Group Coordinator to set up their individual applications with the College, then copy the link from the button below and send it to the students – that link directs them to the form that will get them started on their registration with the College.

Group Student List:

The Group Student List needs to be submitted for each academic year.

It needs to clearly identify the students who are to be included in the group (using either their TEEC student number or their ID number).

If students are to receive portion of a consolidated payment then the individual amounts to be allocated need to be indicated against the relevant student on the Student Group List. Initial payments need to at least cover the minimum payment requirement for students to be registered for courses.

Where a consolidated payment is be be disbursed to students then that proof of payment must accompany this form.

Also indicate on the Student Group List form whether any remaining outstanding balance is to be paid by the student or by a sponsor.

What happens next?

Send the Group related forms together to

If materials are to be sent individually to students (any courier costs will be charged to their account) then those will be processed and dispatched as they are completed.

If materials are to be consolidated and then either collected or sent by courier, then the Group Coordinator will be informed once those are ready.