the College Library

The College library

The course materials issued to you for each course contain everything you need for the fundamental work on that course. The College library supplements the course materials, either through loan items, or through pointing you to online resources.

Borrowing and returning books

The College operates a lending library. Items can be requested, and then returned. The full library regulations are in the Rules & Regulations booklet. Answers to practical questions can be found in the FAQs in the next section of this page.

Recommended books and resources

At the end of study units and chapters you may encounter lists of recommended books and other resources. The list will indicate which are available in the College library. Please note that Recommended books can be borrowed but cannot have their loan period extended.

Reference items and scanned material

Reference materials can’t be loaned. The Librarian can scan a reasonable number of pages for you and email them to you. Requests for larger quantities of scanning incur a cost – the Library regulations explain how that works.

Searching the library catalogue

The College library can be searched via your Catalyst login. You can search by keyword for title or author. Matching items are shown and you can request items directly from the search results. Selecting your course code will list the books linked to your course.

Relevant links are further below, in the next section of this page.

Accessing Journals

The physical journals are included in the library catalogue and you will see matching articles in your search results. You can request a scan of the article.

Online journals are available publically on the internet and also through a College subscription. Contact the Librarian for access through the College’s subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions about the College Library

How do I request items from the library?
  • You are able to access our on line library catalogue and request books electronically or
  • You are able to email your request to
How do I access the online library catalogue?

The library catalogue is accessed with your Catalyst Student Administration log in. You will have received the log in details by email from the College. If you don’t have that, or can’t find it, then ask the staff at the College to reset your Online Login – and you’ll receive a new email with your log in details.

Click here for the Student Admin log in screen.

  • Type in your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ and click on the ‘Login’ button
  • Click on ‘Library’ from the menu list on the left side of the browser window
  • Select ‘Library Items’

From this screen, you will be able to search for items using keywords in the fields at the top of the screen. When you find an appropriate item click on the “Request Item” link to automatically generate that request to the librarian. You will also receive an email confirmation of your request.

The librarian will dispatch the items, if available, or will suggest alternative items.

If I cannot access the online library catalogue, how can I request library items?

Please email your requests to and the librarian will assist you. Include your student number and indicate which assignment you are busy with. Please remember to be as detailed as possible regarding the subject you are exploring when emailing the library.

How will I receive the items that I have requested?

No visitors are permitted in the college library. However we can arrange for pick-up and drop-off of library items. Alternatively we will courier the items to you. Please note that the cost of dispatching library items will be charged to your student account.

What if I cannot afford the courier costs?

The librarian will assist you in finding suitable electronic alternatives.

Remember, the course material supplied to you sufficiently covers the work you need to do for the course and any assessments. Where you are able to use appropriate additional materials that will always enhance your work.

How long am I able to keep the items for?

The items will be booked out for 4 weeks. If you require the items for longer, your loan can be extended by a further 2 weeks (that extension can be done by an email or phone call). A maximum of 6 weeks will be allowed.

Do note that In Demand items are only issued for 4 weeks and the loan period is not extended.

How do I return library items?

You are responsible for returning the items to the library when they are due for return. You can arrange to drop those off or alternatively you will need to courier the items back to the college at your own cost

Internet & online resources

There is plenty of material on the internet, but most of it is not suitable for academic work.

Links to reputable and quality sites are provided here.

Remember to reference your quotes properly, and watch out for plagiarism – see your Study Aid for help.

College library online resources

Links to online resources

Working with internet sources

Academic work requires the appropriate acknowledgement of sources used when responding to assignment tasks and presenting written work for assessment. This is called “referencing”. Many students get this wrong. Incorrect referencing is a serious offence and it is strongly penalised.

Many student struggle with referencing and often commit plagiarism unintentionally. Your Study Aid will provide you with important guidance to help you when referring to other resources and then referencing them in your work.

Haven't found what you're looking for?

You are always welcome to contact the College Librarian directly. When doing so be clear about which course and assignment you are busy with, as that will help to identify material or resources appropriate for you.