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This page explains the particular requirements to be completed and help you successfully apply to study with TEE College

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This page will guide you in submitting your application to study at TEE College. Please also refer to the Academic Year page which will include information of relevance to the new academic year. 

It is important that you:

Conditions for registration

You will only be registered for the academic year if:

  • You complete the application process in full (including supplying your personal and contact details, and indicating your new course selections)
  • You meet the entrance requirements for your programme (and supply the required supporting documentation – including ID)
  • You make the required payment before the final registration closing date (including a debit order form if using payment Option C)

You will not be registered:

  • If you choose Option C (payment by instalments) but don’t supply a Debit Order mandate.
  • If you have outstanding debt with the College (including fees, postage, library fines, missing books, etc.)
  • If you have been expelled from any institution.
  • If you are currently suspended by TEE College.

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New Students

First-time students should submit applications early, this gives us time to resolve complications and queries before we reach programme closing dates

Application checklists

  • Programme & Study Path

    Make sure that you apply for a programme that is appropriate to your study goals. Use the resources on the Start Studies page to assist you in clarifying your goals and identify a programme and appropriate courses that will help you achieve them. If your studies are part of formal church training then do be guided by your church training authorities.

  • Entrance requirements & Exemptions

    Do check the programme entrance requirements - and make sure that you have the appropriate supporting documentation to submit with your application. Each programme Handbook and web page explains these requirements for that programme. We have a simple tool to help review admission requirements and alternatives that might be available to you.

  • Credit transfer & RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)

    If you plan to transfer credit from course work done at another institution, or from another programme with TEE College, then do contact the Secretary of the RPL Committee for guidance regarding your application.

  • Request an application pack for your programme

    Use the application inquiry form to request an application pack from the College. This will help College staff send you appropriate information and documentation for your application.

  • Collect the required documentation

    The programme entrance requirements will tell you what you need to submit as part of your application - usually your highest qualification and ID. If apply for course credit, then the relevant academic record is also needed.

  • Select your delivery options

    Online courses do not require a physical delivery (you will need an appropriate personal device). For printed study materials you need to indicate how they are to be delivered to you and supply a physical delivery address.

  • Complete and submit your application

    The programme application pack will explain how to submit your application to the College - whether online or emailed / delivered documents,

  • Submit your payment documentation

    Once your application has been captured and has received academic approval, then you will be sent a pro-forma invoice. This will explain the available payment options and payment deadlines. Required payments must be made before the registration closing date (including any required debit order mandate form) - submit the proof of payment to ensure that your payment is allocated correctly.

Are you outside South Africa?
Also read the ”International Students” section below for helpful information

What happens next?

The last section of this page describes what happens between submitting your application and engaging with your study material. Check it out.

International Students

Some helpful guidance for successfully negotiating international borders

International students

Cross-border applications can be a little tricky, please refer to the information below for guidance with your application and your study year.

First Semester
Applications and payments must reach us by 31 January if we are to courier physical materials to you. For online programmes you can submit applications up to the usual closing date.

Second Semester
Applications and payments must reach us by 15 May if we are to courier physical materials to you. For online programmes you can submit applications up to the usual closing date.

  • Cross-border Payments

    See the payment options page for appropriate payment methods. Bear in mind that international bank transfers can take several days to reflect on our account. We cannot receive payment by Postal Order, Money Order, or foreign cheques. Do not send cash! Forward your proof of payment to - this is important as deposit references are often removed in the transfer between banks which means we have no way of identifying your payment until we can match it to the documentation you provide.

  • Cross-border courier

    There is no need for physical materials or a courier if your courses are online. If you choose to purchase physical versions of the online content then you pay the cost for delivery. Courses using physical materials need to be delivered. Supply us with a delivery address in a major center to keep the cost low (to a friend, family member or a church). You can also arrange for someone close to Johannesburg (a friend or your own courier) to collect on your behalf from the College. Courier costs to countries neighbouring South Africa are in the region of R750 to R1400.

  • Online options

    The Christian ministry Higher Certificates and the Advanced Certificate are available as online study options, in addition to printed study materials. Choosing the online version helps to eliminate courier costs and border delays.

  • Continue with the instructions for New Students (above) or Current Students (below) to complete and submit your application.

Current Students

Some important reminders for ensuring a smooth and successful application

Application checklists

  • Student account

    If you have outstanding debt with the College then your results were not released at the end of the academic year. Neither will the College process a further application until the debt is settled. Any money paid to the College is first used to settle outstanding debt, and any balance remaining will be used for your application. If that remaining amount is insufficient to register you for the academic year, then you will not be registered. You can access your account statements and balance via your Catalyst log in. The Rules & Regulations explain all this.

  • Eligible Components & Repeats

    If you pass at least half the components in a course, but have not completed the course, then you can (usually) register for the outstanding components in the very next academic period (semester or year) - which means you don't fail or repeat the course. There are some situations were Component registrations don't apply (and the Yearbook and Programme Handbook will explain that). Very important: You will receive new assignment tasks for the outstanding component - do not reuse your previous assignment booklet (throw it away!).

  • Study path

    Think carefully about your next courses - consider pre-requisites, level of study and workload. Make sure you're on track with the programme graduation requirements, as well as any church requirements. If you have any questions, or need guidance, then please do contact College staff.

  • Log in to Catalyst student admin

    Use your Catalyst student admin login to complete your application online. This method will assist you with available Repeats and Components, and will also show you your courses already achieved . Ask staff to reset your account if you don't have your login details (login details are sent to you in an email - we can't give them over the phone). If you have difficulty then request an emailed electronic application form from the College.

  • Update any personal details

    Once logged in, use the "My Details" menu to check or update your personal details. Don't forget to check all four tabs of information. Remember to click SAVE before leaving the page (upper right of the screen).

  • Select courses and eligible Components & Repeats

    Select the "My Applications" menu to start a new application - click the Apply button next to the programme for which you are submitting an application. Where courses are eligible for Component or Repeat registrations then they are listed accordingly - select the appropriate option. The College Rules & Regulations explain how this works.

  • Select your delivery option

    Online courses do not require a physical delivery (you will need an appropriate personal device). For printed study materials you need to indicate how they are to be delivered to you - if by courier then we will send to your Physical Address, make sure that is updated accordingly.

  • Submit your application

    Once you are satisfied with your course selections, and have selected your delivery option, then click the SUBMIT button to submit your application for processing by College staff. Prior to submitting your application you can make further changes to your application - once you submit it you will need to direct any changes to the College staff.

  • Submit your payment documentation

    A pro-forma invoice is automatically emailed to you when you submit your application. This explains the available payment options and payment deadlines. Required payments must be made before the registration closing date (including any required debit order mandate form) - send us the proof of payment to ensure that your payment is allocated correctly.

What happens next?

The last section of this page describes what happens between submitting your application and engaging with your study material. Check it out.

Delivery options

Delivery costs are for the student’s account – do check the options for affordability

Getting your study materials

  • Online studies

    Once registered you will be emailed your login credentials with instructions explaining how to access the online learning platform - Once logged in you will be able to access your course study materials and assignment booklet. Please test your login once received and report any difficulties promptly.

  • Print-based study materials

    Print-based materials will be delivered to the physical address you supplied in the application process. Usually by courier. It is also possible for study material dispatches to be collected directly from the College offices. See below for explanations of these options.

  • Repeats & Components only

    If you register only for Repeat and Component courses (no Full courses) then we will send you your assessment materials electronically to avoid the courier fee.

Physical delivery options

  • We courier to your physical address

    If you have applied for courses that require us to send you printed study materials then you need to supply us with a physical address for delivery. We recommend using an address in a town or urban center to keep costs low (a place of work, a friend, etc.). Someone will need to sign for delivery (it doesn't have to be you).

  • You (or a friend) collects directly from us

    Choose the "Collect" option for delivery. Once your materials are packed we will send you an emailed notification. That will contain instructions (including times) for collection. Do not simply show up at the College offices before receiving that notification - you will leave empty-handed.

  • You send your courier to collect directly from us

    Choose the "Collect" option for delivery. Once your materials are packed we will send you an emailed notification. That will contain instructions (including times) for collection. Use those instruction to book your own courier collection. Please send us a copy of the courier booking - - so that we can be sure that we are giving your study materials to the right person or company.

  • You are part of a church study group (and your coordinator arranges to get your materials to you)

    If your application is part of a group application, then your church coordinator will select the delivery options. Usually they will collect in bulk from us and then distribute locally to you.

Keeping track

When your print-based study materials are packed and ready, then we will send you a notification:

  • If we are sending study materials to you – then the notification will include a tracking number, as well as contact details for the courier company should you need to follow up with them.
  • If you are arranging the collection of study materials from us – then the notification will alert you that the package is ready, and indicate the available times for collection.

Payment options

Some guidance to uncomplicate payments and installments

Very important

  • Proof of payment

    After making a payment to the College's bank account please send a confirmation of the payment to If you used your student number / national ID number as well as your surname and initials as the deposit reference then we can usually identify your payment and allocate it to your student account. Sometimes you include this information with your payment, but the bank doesn't pass on all the detail - and we end up with missing or partial references.

  • Debit Order mandate form

    If you choose payment Option C for any of your courses then you MUST send us a completed debit order mandate. You can download the debit order mandate form from the "Legal" section located at the bottom of this website's footer. It is also important that you honour the debit orders - if you cancel the mandate while it is still in force then penalties apply (this is all described on the debit order mandate form).

    If you have financial difficulties during the year and will likely have insufficient funds for the debit order then do be in contact with us in good time - Recurring problems will impact your credit score, so let's work together to be proactive about that.

  • International payments

    The comment above about proof of payment also applies to international payments.

    Two complications happen with international payments - they almost always lose their original deposit reference (hence needing the copy from you), and the payment might be flagged so that we first have to clear it with the South African Reserve Bank before it arrives in our bank account. If we haven't heard from you then we don't know that there is a payment that has not been completely processed and requires action on our part. These delayed transactions might only come to light later (even after registration closing dates). Your proof of payment helps us track it down and resolve it.

Payment methods

  • Make a Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to our bank

    Use the bank account details give below to set up an EFT payment through your online banking or your banking app. Remember to use your Student Number, Surname, and Initials as the payment reference. Use your Passport number if you don't have a South African ID Number.

  • Use the SnapScan code on the pro-forma invoice

    The QR Code on the Pro-Forma invoice is a SnapScan code. Your banking app should be able to read it and help you set up a payment direct to our account. Complete the required fields with your information and add the amount for the payment.

  • Make a deposit to our bank (ATM or teller)

    Use the bank details given below to make a payment at an Automatic Teller Machine. If the ATM is at a bank branch then staff should be able to assist you if you experience difficulty.

  • Cash / credit card / cheque / postal order

    The College no longer accepts these payment methods. We cannot accept payments at the College offices, payments must be made directly to the College bank accounts. Do not send cash to us.

College bank accounts

Payments via First National Bank tend to be processed more promptly. Use whichever bank is most accessible to you.

First National Bank
Account: 62871013993
Branch Code: 250655

Standard Bank
Account: 201 075 814
Branch Code: 006405

Student payments: For any deposit reference please your Student Number (or national ID number) together with your Surname and Initials.

International students: you must forward your proof of payment to us at so we can identify and allocate your payment (references tend to get deleted on statements for international payments).

Study funding

Option C is the instalment option to pay your studies fees at TEEC. You do not need to apply or get approval – we will allow you to register up to three courses using Option C provided you submit a debit order mandate and make your payments by the due dates. If you fail to make your payments on time then we do not permit you to use Option C again.

If you don’t qualify for Option C yet wish to take advantage of the “full payment discounts” but don’t have the funds, then there are alternatives – where you make payment arrangements with someone else who pays your fees up-front for you at the discounted price (this is usually in the form of a loan which you re-pay to them in instalments).

Please do not put your study fees on your credit card budget facility (that is very expensive). Do pay attention to the re-payment terms for any loan!

There are financial institutions which assist with loan arrangements for students: Fundi and Student Hero are popular ones — also check out what your bank can provide. TEEC students do not qualify for NSFAS.

Payment deadline

Get your application in early (with the application fee) — but remember to make your Option A / B payment, or your Option C deposit, before the registration closing date (earlier is better as you will then get access to your study materials sooner – dispatch gets really busy with the last minute rush). You will be sent email or SMS reminders … don’t ignore them.

What happens next?

Between submitting your application and getting started with your studies, there are a few things that might need attention

Finalising your application

  • If everything is in order

    We will process your application.
    Once your printed study materials have been dispatched we will e-mail the tracking number to you.
    If you chose to collect your study materials then we will inform you when they are ready, together with pick-up instructions.
    If your course content is delivered through a learning platform then your login details will be emailed to you.

  • If there is a problem

    A member of staff will attempt to contact you directly using the contact details you provided in your application.
    If the problem is with your choice of courses, and we are not able to reach you, then we will select appropriate courses for you based on the programme's study path.

  • If funds are insufficient

    We will try and contact you, failing which we will register you for those courses which your funds cover. This usually happens if you had outstanding debt or if you did not calculate your fees correctly.

Following up with the College

  • If you have heard nothing for a while

    If you sent your application in good time and have not heard from the College after three (3) working days – please contact us. If you wait longer than a week before following up on a problem, and we are up against deadlines, then the College accepts no responsibility for resolving your application in time.
    If you faxed or emailed your documents to us then only contact the College after three (3) full working days have passed, especially if we are close to registration closing dates.
    If you posted your application to us ...

  • Checking your course materials

    Electronic study materials -- If your study option involves materials that are online then once you are registered you will be provided with the relevant login details to access those materials. Please do test your login credentials promptly and alert the College to any issues you experience.

    Physical study materials -- Applications are processed at the College’s office in Gauteng and study materials are dispatched from there by courier to the physical address you supplied in your application. You need to ensure that someone will be present at the supplied address to take delivery of the parcel and sign for it. This does not need to be you – anyone can sign receipt on your behalf. For delivery cost savings we recommend that you arrange for delivery to a town address - a friend or family member, a place of work, a local church.

    When you receive your parcel, please check:
    • Your Confirmation of Registration letter – that your details are correct – especially email address & cellphone number – and that you are correctly registered for your courses;
    • Your course materials (a packing list inside the parcel will indicate what should be included).

    If you have any queries, or if there are any errors with the package contents, please contact the College within two (2) weeks of receiving your parcel, otherwise you may be charged for replacement material.

  • Cancelling courses

    Review your workload, look at the assignments, and plan your work. If this is more than you can manage then consider reducing the workload by formally cancelling a course! If you cancel a course in writing before the due date of the first assignment then you will be charged a cancellation fee of 40% of the total course fee, and the balance is refundable (you keep the materials). At a later date register to Repeat the course and pay a lesser course fee.

    Any credit balance on the account is only refunded to the person or institution that made the payment. All administration fees are non-refundable.
    Courses cancelled after the due date of the first assignment must be paid for in full, even if no work is done. The College Rules & Regulations explain cancellations with more detail.

  • Finding help

    For each course you have been allocated to a Marker, who will assess your work and provide you with written feedback. Any questions relating to your course and its assignments should be directed to your marker - and you'll find contact details for course on your Confirmation of Registration Letter. Also look at the Student Support section of the website for accessing further help.

    Issues relating to your registration as a student of the College should be directed to the College - see contact details in the footer of each web page.