We have moved to Brackenhurst

Thoughts of a new College home began in 2016, were delayed by covid, but were realised in 2021 - as staff moved into custom-renovated space to carry out the College's work.

TEE College has a new home

In it’s early years the College administration used rented space in various parts of Johannesburg, until finally acquiring property in Haddon from the provincial Department of Education. The pre-fab structures were a happy and settled home from 1992, and visited by students passing through or writing end-of-year exams at the College exam center. However we’ve moved to Brackenhurst in response to the changing conditions of the area.

It was during our 40th anniversary year that the board of directors reflected on the needs of the College for its future work and ministry. The seeds for a new College home were planted, although watered sporadically over the few years following.

2019 saw the acquisition of new property as a nucleus for the developments that were expected to take the College’s programmes online. The main campus had run out of office space for staff, the library was bursting at the seams, and the needs of the Dispatch department had changed. The new site helped us think about the College, and plan for its work, in news ways.

And then, … covid-19

There were many challenges to completing building and renovation work in lockdown. New staff suddenly found themselves working remotely with limited connection to new colleagues. The move of the entire College operation was delayed a year from 2020 to 2021 as we gave priority to guiding the academic year through the covid-19 hurdles.

Having moved to Brackenhurst, a suburb of Alberton, the College is now sited near an intersection of main roads, with an accessible freeway close by. Former homes have been repurposed to serve the work of the College and its staff, and the integration of four sites into one has made for a compact and purposeful space.

While the move had no direct impact for students, it has enhanced the staff work environment. It is our prayer that our new home serves the College and and its students for many more decades to come.