TEE College is thrilled to announce that our College Board Chairman, Prof. Dion Forster, has taken on a new role as Professor of Public Theology at the Faculty of Religion and Theology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

We are very proud to congratulate our College Board Chairman, Rev. Prof. Dion Forster, who has taken up a new role as Professor of Public Theology in the Faculty of Religion and Theology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

As TEE College we are very privileged to have Dion as a significant contributor over many years to our work especially as a theologian, deep thinker and educational academic. He has served on the College Board of Directors for more than ten years, three of which as the Chair of the Board of Directors.  He has also served as a marker and moderator.

Dion holds two doctoral degrees. A PHD in science and theology (2006, SA) with research interests in neuroscience, human consciousness, strong artificial intelligence, and African theology. His second PHD (2017, Radboud University) studied the complexity of the politics of forgiveness among black and white South Africans. The study is in empirical intercultural hermeneutics and social identity complexity theory.

Together with his service to TEE College, Dion is a research fellow in the Department of Systematic Theology and Ecclesiology at Stellenbosch University, where prior to his appointment at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, he was Professor Public Theology and Ethics  in the Department: Systematic Theology and Ecclesiology  Stellenbosch University.  Dion is a Research Fellow at Wesley House, Cambridge, as well as an Associate of the Allan Gray Centre for Values Based Leadership at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business. He also serves as a member of the Expert Network of the World Economic Forum and a member of the G20 interfaith anti-racism task team.

He is the past International Chairman of the ‘EXPOSED – Shining a light on corruption’ campaign.

He was formerly the Dean of the seminary of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa. He is the author of numerous books and academic articles.

You can read more about his research and publications at:

Dion’s expertise is in Public Theologies, faith and public life, economic ethics, political ethics, social identity, and inter-group contact (with a focus on race and gender) evidenced by numerous published books and articles.

We are thrilled that with the online world enabling us to remain connected, and with Dion’s regular travel for family and other obligations we have the benefit of his leadership as he remains actively involved and committed to TEE College as our Board Chair.

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