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Cookies Policy

We only use functional (or required) cookies that are necessary for this site to function, including those that are necessary for Google Analytics to work.

We do analyse the server logs of this website to measure how our visitors make use of this website, but it is de-identified data (see the Privacy Policy below).

Where you use a unique login to access student services linked from this website then that information is not stored on this website, but in the logs of the platform being accessed.

In other words, welcome — but we don’t know who you are unless you identify yourself to us intentionally through a direct communication, such as the Contact Us page.

Last updated: July 2023

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple because we have no need to store your personal information on this server. We do use some cookies, and explain this in our cookie policy above.

Cookies and server logs help us with statistical analysis of user behaviour on our website. Your IP address will be anonymised during this process so that you are not identifiable to us. We use this de-identified data to:

  • optimize the functionality, accessibility, performance and stability of the website,
  • see what, generally speaking, people are interested in.

We don’t share your personal information with anyone.

We may process your personal information when you yourself give it to us, for example when you submit an application to us via the website or you contact us with an inquiry. We’ll then use your supplied information only for those purposes.

Last updated: July 2023

PAIA Policy

The South African Promotion of Access to Information Act allows an individual to request records from public bodies, or to request records from a private body if you need it for the exercise or protection of any particular right.

Use the button below to access the the College’s PAIA policy, which includes guidance on exercising this right. The Information Regulators website can be accessed here.

Last updated: July 2023

POPIA Policy

The South African Protection Of Personal Information Act sets out the minimum standards regarding accessing and ‘processing’ of any personal information belonging to another person. Personal information is any information that may identify a person such as a name, surname, identity number, contact number, email address, religion, medical history, education, financial or any other information that is unique to an individual.

The Act defines ‘processing’ as collecting, receiving, recording, organizing, retrieving, or the use, distribution or sharing of any such information.

The College has a registered Information Officer responsible for the oversight and management of personal data processed by the College in carrying out its work. By applying for study with the College, and through submitting information via applications for study, etc., applicants consent to the use of their personal information for the purpose for which it was submitted to the College.

The College commits to ensure that this information is secured and is used for the intended purposes. By making submissions to the College both applicants and students consent to receiving communications from the College when these are related to their studies and the work of the College. This includes communications related to incomplete studies, academic opportunities, and the follow-up of outstanding debt.

Last updated: July 2023

Website Terms & Conditions

This is the official website of TEE College – These are our legal terms for visitors and students using the website. We may change any of these terms at any time by updating this webpage. If you have any questions about our legal terms, please contact us.

Licence. We grant you a limited licence to use this website.

Breach. We may cancel your licence if you breach any of these terms.

Framing. You may not frame this website or cause it to appear under another domain name. You may link to it.

Capacity. You agree to the terms on the basis that you have the capacity to visit this website.

Ownership. We (or our third-party licensors) own all rights in this website.

Trademarks. All our trademarks are our property and you may not use them without our permission. All other trademarks are the property their respective owners.

Restrictions. You may not change, hire out, reverse engineer, or copy this website without our permission.

Own risk. You use this website at your own risk and we make no warranties about it. We maintain the content of this website to ensure that it is accurate. However, we do not warrant that this website is current, complete or accurate. If you should notice any inaccuracies or discrepancies feel free to contact us. We will correct them as soon as possible.

Third-party content. Our website may contain links to the websites (or content) of others. We are not responsible for what they do. If you want us to link from this website to your website, please contact us.

Indemnity. You indemnify us against any liability related to your use of this website.

Direct damages limited. Our maximum liability to you for all claims for direct damages related to this website is R100.

Indirect damages. We will never be responsible for any indirect damages.

Last updated: July 2023